In addition to one-on-one coaching, Angela delivers powerful workshops for managers and executives, assisting them to become confident leaders, build high-performance teams, and develop coaching cultures within their teams and organizations.

Angela's most popular services are listed below. If a service you're seeking is not listed here, please contact Angela to let her know. She regularly works with other coaching professionals and will happily make introductions to trusted individuals who excel at the requested services.

Team Coaching

There is a great deal more to building effective teams than putting a group of people together; leaders often lack the support of their teams, and team members often experience frustration around working together. To address such issues, Angela takes the pulse of the team and helps build collaborative structures, such as team charters, to provide the foundation for high performance. The resulting clarity eliminates people’s needs to chart their own courses, and gives colleagues a reason to row in the same direction. 

Team & Trust Building

Trust is one of the foundational building blocks for high-performing teams and something leaders must be willing to give and demonstrate; what trickles down from the top will impact everyone below. Angela stresses the importance of trust-building with all her clients, and uses a range of team- and trust-building tools in her workshops, including values clarification exercises.

As Stephen M. R. Covey writes in The Speed of Trust, “Trust is something you can do something about – and probably much faster than you think!” He affirms that nothing is as fast as the speed of trust, and nothing as fulfilling as a relationship of trust. This video of Patrick Lencioni, a coach who strongly inspires Angela's own practice, describes that the absence of trust is at the heart of all dysfunctions of a team. To become trustworthy, leaders need to learn how to show up authentically and be comfortable with vulnerability.

Corporate Assessments 

Depending on the needs and circumstances of the client or team, Angela works with a variety of assessments that can enhance awareness of others and their circumstances. She works with a number of assessment tools that are high in reliability and validity, including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Emotional Quotient Inventory 2 (EQ-i 2.0) and EQ360Personal Coaching Style Inventory™ (PCSI), and others. These measurement tools provide benchmarks that can assist in the creation of coaching goals and actionable strategies, and offer a method for evaluating progress. 

Narrative 360s

360-degree assessments provide executives with multi-rater evaluations of their job performance in a more in-depth way than computer-generated 360 assessments because they allow for the collection of large amounts of rich, real time, contextual feedback during one-on-one interviews with colleagues, direct reports, superiors and other stakeholders.

Narrative 360 feedback reports shed concrete light on a leader's strengths as seen and experienced by others, and identify opportunities for growth and development. When Angela facilitates the data collection process directly, she can ask questions about the meaning of the feedback, and can probe for examples to support the feedback and mine for specific information. To protect the anonymity of respondents and create a safe place for candid and explicit input, responses are collected by Angela and reported back to the client in aggregated form and without attribution.

Career Development and Transitioning


Angela regularly offers career development coaching for clients who are taking the next step in their careers, whether they are in the early job search phase, transitioning into a more senior role or new division at their current company, or taking on a demanding new senior executive role. She typically works with such clients in one-on-one sessions for three to twelve month periods, but clients frequently opt to continue working with Angela as their roles progress.

Career transition services include job search strategy, resume design, interview preparation and executive onboarding.

Executive Onboarding

A strong start at a new company and accelerated transition involves learning the requisite skills, understanding the company background and procedures, developing strategic relationships (both internally and with key stakeholders), developing teams, adopting the company culture, and building a foundation of trust. To help gain trust and credibility in a new role, Angela works with clients to develop 100-day action plans as well as strategies for the “pre-boarding” phase, which spans from the day an executive accepts a job until their start date.

Leadership Development

More than ever, leaders depend on their ability to build relationships and create collaborative and feedback-rich cultures that generate trust and open lines of communication. Leaders create results through those they lead, and coaching is a powerful tool that brings effective leadership into action. Angela works with clients to accelerate their leadership growth, expand their capacity to learn, produce results, and get the support of their team members.

Developing Learning & Coaching Culture (Coach Training)

Leadership can be learned when there is a willingness to be authentic, an openness to learning about oneself, and a commitment to self-improvement. While leadership is often described as an outward phenomenon, it always begins from within. It’s an internal, personal journey, which then reveals itself to the outside world by the way we show up: by our values, how we interact, communicate, inspire, motivate, trust, influence and solve problems. This is the place from which Angela begins any of her coach training programs.

Large Group Change Interventions

Large group interventions (such as the Search Conference and Future Search Conference) help clients quickly navigate change and chart new courses towards new and ideal futures. These collaborative interventions are designed to inspire teams to find common ground around future directions while developing new strategies and joint action plans all within only two to three days. Best practices affiliated with strategic planning, systems thinking, and group communications make these change methods effective and efficient planning tools.

Coaching Abrasive Leaders (AKA Boss Whispering)

Angela has been trained through The Boss Whispering Institute on The Boss Whispering methodology, which was designed specifically to help HR and senior management deal with leaders who are unaware of their lack of leadership soft skills and the impact of their abrasive behaviour on others. Through this specialized form of coaching, Angela helps individuals gain insight into the impact of their words and actions, then helps these clients develop more constructive management and leadership competencies. 

Coach Training

Angela has taught coaching skills internally in many organizations, contributing to the development of coaching culture designs as well as in academic settings and during public workshops. She is licensed to facilitate the Coaching Clinic® by Corporate Coach U and The Heart of Coaching workshop by Crane Consulting and custom designs programs to meet the specific needs of her clients.