"I highly recommend Angela as a professional coach. My organization provided an opportunity to select a personal coach from a wide range of professionals from across Canada. I selected Angela after researching and meeting with a number of very qualified and talented individuals and I’m very pleased to say that after a year of working together, I’m convinced I made the right decision.

Angela offered a thoughtful, caring approach that built a relationship of trust and respect from which she was able to guide our conversations. She did this first by really listening and gaining understanding before she offered her thoughts and advice. Angela is not shy about asking the hard or challenging questions, but her style and approach created an openness and trust that made our conversations both easy and very productive."

Terry Baskier, Director, Government of Alberta


“Angela has been my coach for a number of years. When I experience transitions in my career, I re-establish my coaching relationship with Angela. Angela has a direct, honest and authentic style and is not afraid to ask the tough questions. She has many tools in her repertoire, from laser-focused questions and astute observations, to innovative tools and techniques to assist me in setting my next stretch goal or dealing with difficult issues.

"Angela has made the difference between assisting me to establish a good career to stretching me to make it a great career. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone who is serious about doing the work necessary to take their career up a notch.” 

Michelle Kirchner, Assistant Dep. Minister, Early Childhood & Community Supports, Alberta Human Services