The Only 3 Things You Ever Truly Have Control Over

From time to time, we can all get caught up trying to control things in our sphere of care and concern (what others think and do, our partners, our children, our work, etc.), versus focusing on the things we actually do have control over.

This year, focus on the things you actually can control, which are:

  1. Our Aspirations - The desires, goals, and visions you have for yourself as a leader and your team. Communicate a compelling vision of what you believe is possible to inspire, influence, and motivate others. Create a shared vision of the future that is aligned with organizational goals. Create an action plan to accomplish goals and then work it.

  2. Our Attitude - Have a gritty attitude: We are going to do our best! Allow your team to help determine what that looks like. Define excellence together and then strive for that. “We can do this! We’ll figure out a way together!”

  3. Our Actions - Actions are everything you say and don’t say, and everything you do and don’t do. Make sure your actions and words are congruent so you are trusted. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Make sure your words and actions are reflective of what you can provide and who you want to be as a leader and the impact you want to make. You are in control of your actions always! Make sure you are not reactive and do and say things you regret later. Make sure you co-create the future with others as a collective WE to avoid resistance. Make sure you are leading by example and you focus on the things you want to see expand, not on the problems and obstacles before you, then figure out ways to overcome them. Be solution oriented and bring others with you.

The above takeaways come from 6 months of listening to podcasts by Dr. Lee Baucom, a specialist in building strong relationships and thriving in life. I have been sharing his wisdom with my clients, family, and friends to help them focus on the things they have control over.

Working with me as your coach can help you gain more clarity on your goals this year, and focus on the things you can truly control as a leader and in life. If you’re interested in working together, I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation below.